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It’s Summer Time!: Taking a Stress-Free Vacation.

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The Bahamas!  London!  Tokyo!  Where will your next vacation be?  The first things that come to mind about a summer vacation should be ultimate relaxation, pampering, and stress-free fun.  But figuring out what to pack the night before, lost bags at the airport, and less-than-satisfactory lodging can make your getaway a place in which you really want to get away from! Stress can be described as any non-specific demand on our minds and bodies.  Statistics […]


Stress Relief in the Future

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While stress is part of life, excessive stress can have detrimental effects on your health. When you let tension build up in your body, your internal organs can tighten up and actually stop functioning properly. Stress can also weaken the immune system and allow illness to take over the body. Many common ailments have been linked to stress, and for optimal health, stress relief should supplement traditional forms of medicine. Participating in activities, even simple […]


How To Relieve Stress-Related Illness

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What Can You Do To Relieve Stress-Related Illness? If you can free yourself of this internal tension, your body will return to its natural healthy state. You have the ability to be at peace. To achieve inner peace, addressing and relieving the tension will bring your body and mind into harmony. When your subconscious and conscious are in conflict, that’s when the stress related ailments develop. When you are overwhelmed by failing to control uncontrollable […]


Situational Stress vs. Internal Stress


Two forms of stress exist. The first is known as situational stress, and may be caused by the weather, traffic, another person’s behavior, or some other external factor. External stress cannot be controlled, and doesn’t lead to illness. However, the second form of stress can cause illness. This type is known as internal stress, and is caused by reactions to external influences. For example, if someone challenges or confronts you, like if another driver cuts […]