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Phobias – Creepy Crawlers, Beware!


Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias affecting adults.  With nearly 50% of women and about 10% of men suffering from this sometimes debilitating condition, it is often beneficial to be treated for this phobia.  What is it about those creepy crawlers that makes us cringe?  Is it their hair-raising appearance?  Their spine-chilling crawl? Certain phobias appear to be simple but the uncontrollable feelings they cause are not.  Phobias are something that cannot be […]


Overcome the fear of rejection using these sure-fire sales tips.


Think of sales as a selection process rather than a rejection process. The customer will select the parts of the product or service you’re offering that they need. They may need all or part of it, and they may need it now or later. You are there as an educator. A good salesperson will find out how to meet the customers’ needs and show the benefits rather than the features of buying the product or […]


Boost Your Sales by Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection


Most people hate hearing the word “no.” From something as simple as asking for your favorite dish at a restaurant and being told they no longer serve it, to asking your boss for a raise and being turned down, we never like to hear the word “no.” So who would want to work in a profession in which you would be told no practically every day? Salespeople face the possibility of rejection on a daily […]