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Situational Stress vs. Internal Stress


Two forms of stress exist. The first is known as situational stress, and may be caused by the weather, traffic, another person’s behavior, or some other external factor. External stress cannot be controlled, and doesn’t lead to illness. However, the second form of stress can cause illness. This type is known as internal stress, and is caused by reactions to external influences. For example, if someone challenges or confronts you, like if another driver cuts […]


She Said It Was Depression

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Under her complaints of depression and stress were deep feelings of inadequacy fostering a “perfectionist” persona. Her imagination went wild, thinking others were “backstabbing” her at work. She became so tired she developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Her road back is fascinating. She Said It Was Depression M.’s original complaint was being generally depressed and stressed. In psychotherapy for some time, no change had occurred and she was feeling extremely frightened and filled with dread. Memory loss, fuzziness and disorientation, fear of […]




Pain is a perception.  Physical pain is a result of long-standing emotional pain, and it comes from somewhere within our emotional memories.  People have searched for a solution for their problems for centuries.  Psychologists know that they can trace back adult problems to early childhood and some people spend the next fifty years trying to undue the first five. We don’t want to only have better coping skills and keep the problem.  That would be […]


STOP The Pain!

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Let’s face it, depression/anxiety/fears/insecurities are rampant in this world, and people are taking Prozac (and other drugs like it) to stop the pain.  What if you could stop the pain without medication or long term therapy?  What a concept!  It absolutely is possible, as I see it every day. I think it’s time to demonstrate the positive, not just negative stories.  At the Oprah audition, there was one person who did a video in her […]