The Business of Betrayal

Are you tired of people stealing your good ideas? How to stand up for yourself!

You come up with a great idea and decide to present it at a meeting.  But to your dismay, no one reacts.  Then later, someone else repeats the exact same thing, and they get all of the credit!  “HOW CAN THIS BE?!” you may think.

A key reason for people getting their ideas stolen is that they are not comfortable talking about them.  While you have been given multiple opportunities to share your ideas, if you lack the ability to be self-confident in your work and are unable to successfully convey your thoughts, another individual who steps in may take all of the credit.

Developing self-worth is vital for standing up for yourself.  Once you become confident and content with yourself, you will feel more comfortable in sharing your ideas with others and making sure you claim your own ideas.  Seeking your own approval is an important step in losing your shyness and becoming independent at work.  Additionally, this self-acceptance can lead to an individual no longer having the fear of being wrong.  It is important to release unwanted baggage allowing positive change to occur.  By learning to not let people control you and taking risks for issues you believe in, you will be able to feel the weight being lifted off of you.  Further more, you can take control of your life and make choices based on who you are and not what you believe others expect from you.  Self-esteem, self-image, and abilities thrive as a result of these changes.  Consequently, energy increases, attitudes and physical health improve, and happiness increases dramatically.

The Sidman Solution is able to accomplish this by training the mind.  Once you can access your subconscious, the root of your problem with self-esteem can be exposed.  Using the skills acquired with The Sidman Solution, along with careful guidance, a sense of self-love can be achieved, and you will feel rejuvenated physically, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  With this, an overall, deep inner peace can be achieved and standing up for yourself will no longer be an issue.

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