Gambling Addiction – What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

“Place your bets!”  At this moment, heartbeats begin to race.  The high of believing you could hit the jackpot in an instant or lose everything you put in gives people a rush that they just can’t seem to get enough of.  For some people, the thrill of risk in gambling creates the same high that drugs or alcohol might give.  Studies have shown that dopamine released during some drug use is also released during gambling.  While many are able to enjoy gambling in moderation, it becomes an issue when people become completely absorbed in both gambling and the feelings that are created while playing.  The addiction comes in when they pursue gambling in a compulsive manner.  This leads to negative life outcomes for the individual.

Over 15 million people suffer from what is known as problem gambling.  This addiction does not only affect the sufferer themselves but also puts strains on their relationships with family and friends, interferes with commitments in the home and at work, and can lead to debt, bankruptcy, and other detrimental financial issues.  Problem gamblers often feel that they are unable to control their gambling behavior and that they are incapable of avoiding gambling and stopping the problem.  Although victims of problem gambling are aware that their addiction may be causing harm for themselves and their loved ones, gambling seems to be the number one topic on their mind.  This can completely disrupt their lives and cause more problems the longer the problem is not treated.

While people suffer from different levels of gambling addiction, the overlying problem is similar—problems with impulse control.  The behavior reflects attempts to overcome inner anxiety.  As a result, the sufferer may feel overwhelmed, depressed, angry, or sad by not having the ability to overcome the internal struggle.  Over time, attempts to relieve stress through methods of gambling may create complications that can eventually lead to ruined personal and social life, as well as health.  It is important to examine the emotions involved while working directly with the subconscious mind to discard inappropriate and unwanted feelings that are promoting this unhealthy addictive behavior.  Once this is done, the problem of gambling and addiction will disappear and the victim will no longer need to turn to gambling in order to deal with their inner conflicts.

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