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The Business of Betrayal

stab in back

Are you tired of people stealing your good ideas? How to stand up for yourself! You come up with a great idea and decide to present it at a meeting.  But to your dismay, no one reacts.  Then later, someone else repeats the exact same thing, and they get all of the credit!  “HOW CAN THIS BE?!” you may think. A key reason for people getting their ideas stolen is that they are not comfortable […]


Gambling Addiction – What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas

Dice on a Mousetrap

What Happens In Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas “Place your bets!”  At this moment, heartbeats begin to race.  The high of believing you could hit the jackpot in an instant or lose everything you put in gives people a rush that they just can’t seem to get enough of.  For some people, the thrill of risk in gambling creates the same high that drugs or alcohol might give.  Studies have shown that dopamine released […]


It’s Summer Time!: Taking a Stress-Free Vacation.

heaven on earth

The Bahamas!  London!  Tokyo!  Where will your next vacation be?  The first things that come to mind about a summer vacation should be ultimate relaxation, pampering, and stress-free fun.  But figuring out what to pack the night before, lost bags at the airport, and less-than-satisfactory lodging can make your getaway a place in which you really want to get away from! Stress can be described as any non-specific demand on our minds and bodies.  Statistics […]


Managing Your Weight in the Summer


For some, summer is an exciting season of warm weather and going to the beach.  However, for others, summer is a dreaded time when we wish we had begun working out six months ago.  But alas, the summer months have once again come around, and desperation sets in.  Skipping meals, fasting, using food substitutes, smoking, and other unhealthy, seemingly “quick fixes” for weight loss are more common practices than we would like to think.  Weight […]